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Retirement Planning

It's never too early to start planning your retirement or perhaps you are already retired and needing some guidance on your current pathway.

Progressive Wealth Solutions specialises in helping our clients plan for, enter and enjoy retirement.

We are able to assist those planning towards this exciting time in life with a Transition to Retirement (TTR) strategy allowing you to draw an income from a pension if you are over preservation age and still working.

By tailoring a plan based on your individual needs we aim to make the transition from work to retirement as easy as possible.  Establishment of an Account Based Pension Plan on retirement and assistance with Centrelink for those eligible for government benefits, we aim to ease the confusion and paperwork burden of this process as we know this can be a stressful and time consuming task for some.

A financial plan incorporating retirement planning can not only assist you in achieving your financial goals, it can simplify your finances and allow you to retire and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle during your senior years, with half yearly or yearly review options extended to you to ensure your finances remain on track.

If you are seeking help with Retirement Planning, please contact us for full options.


Your superannuation is likely to be one of your most valuable financial assets and the choices you make now with regards to your super can affect how you enjoy life in retirement.

If you have changed jobs several times over the years, it is likely you have multiple super accounts which can be difficult to 'get a handle on' costing you more in fees and charges, not to mention irrelevant asset allocations based on your stage of life also costing you valuable retirement funds.

Decisions on how your money is invested in super, as well as when and how much to contribute above any employer contributions are all important. Super has become more flexible over time with the government's co-contribution scheme designed to help low to middle income earners get more into super and by making concessional contributions to reduce your tax. 

Our advice on income tax minimisation strategies incorporating your super is tailored to suit your individual requirements.

It's never too early to start understanding how you can maximise your super to achieve the results you want to fund the lifestyle you deserve!

Investment Strategies

A common misconception is that investment strategies are just for mature people with excess cash and existing wealth.  This is not the case.  We offer solid investment advice to people of all ages and financial capacities.  Our advisers will help you build an investment portfolio that is individually tailored to your personal needs and risk tolerance and provide you with ongoing advice, research, reporting and portfolio management.

There are a range of investment options and it is important to have guidance of professionals to assist with education and reassurance that all investment markets move in cycles and there are always going to be challenges in the longer term pathway to growing your wealth.

It is best to make investment decisions once you have a clear view of your financial goals and professional advice can help play a role in this plan.

Personal Insurance

We can't predict the future, but you can protect yourself against it financially through a life insurance policy that meets your needs and those of your family.  An unexpected loss of physical ability, or even life, can leave your family suffering financially in addition to the emotional trauma.

Insuring yourself against a loss of income or earnings ability allows for you and your loved ones to continue maintaining your quality of life, protecting your standard of living and meeting your financial obligations if you are unable to work.

Ignoring the possibility that you could pass away unexpectedly could see your family facing a financial struggle, whilst grieving and attempting to rebuild their lives.

We can help you establish the most relevant level of cover based on your individual needs, and the needs of your family or review your existing cover, if you already have cover in place.

With access to a complete range of personal insurers and products including death, total and permanent disability, trauma and income protection, we can build a protection package tailored to your needs. 

Our claims management process can also oversee the handling of a claim in the event of an unforeseen circumstance resulting in a claim occurring, taking the pressure off you and your family at this challenging and stressful time.